Signs and Wonders- Anointing Oil from the Holy Bible as Healing Pink Noise Audio

     Holy Bible exuding Anointing Oil Jerry Pearce

Some events, Signs and Wonders, are beyond what is logical and fall into the realm of the supernatural. Thank you Jesus! And praise be to God! This designer frequency was made using the Audio Paint program and converted to Pink Noise Audio with Audacity

Listen to the "Signs and Wonders - Anointing Oil from the Holy Bible" as Healing Pink Noise Audio.

When your hands become oily, anoint yourself. And if listening to the audio moves you to spontaneous singing or speaking words of joy this may be your beginning of the gift of Spiritual Language (Speaking in Tongues). Here is a wonderful, well balanced video talking about this gift and well worth your time to listen to Jack Hayford's YouTube video presentation, "The Beauty of Spiritual Language".

If this interests you, here is a well written book (you can check out from the library) talking about the Holy Spirit- Holy Fire by RT Kendall.

Thank you Jesus!  


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