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Matching Molecular Magnetic Fields using Audio Paint

Audio Paint

A breakthrough in molecular magnetic field frequency matching has occurred with the freeware program Audio Paint created by Nicolas Fournel in 2002 to make sound from pictures. His program fills in the missing piece required to match molecular magnetic fields automatically without human interpretation. What Nicolas and many other people may not know is that the audio file created from a photograph also replicates the molecular magnetic field taken at that time and place. Consider it to be a historical fingerprint. The designer electromagnetic field emanating from the audio coil during playback creates a physiological response in the body based upon the item matched. Read more about my work on replicating molecular magnetic fields here.

At my YouTube channel Helpfulwaves, I posted molecular field matches as Pink Noise audio for various herbs, etc., that I created by hand. I was the middle man in discerning and interpreting the fields. Some of my earliest molecular magnetic …