Saturday, April 1, 2017

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping as Healing Pink Noise Audio

         Flckr photograph by yosoynuts

I have matched the healing field of the Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT tapping as a designer electromagnetic field approximation for self healing. EFT works! Great for pain mitigation and likely all health issues.

Here are two links to learn EFT online at Gary Craig's web site. One is EFT written instructions and the other his EFT video.  Listen to the Pink Noise designer frequency while performing EFT.

I know this because of a particular pattern recognition ability I have with weak electromagnetic fields. It is a similar process to that of developing the skill of human echolocation but in this case it is the skill of interpreting weak electromagnetic fields and their physiological affect on the body and most likely other biological life. See "Human Pattern Recognition of Molecular and Electromagnetic Fields."

For more information on this process visit "Extracting Molecular Magnetic Fields from Audio, Video and Photograph Analogs" and the "Designer Frequency Insights and Tuning" pages.

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