Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pendulums, Dowsing and Star Trek Tricorders Plain and Simple

     Flickr photograph by Mads Bødker

Sensing the molecular magnetic field of objects at a distance runs in the family. My dad used to find buried metal culverts at his construction site using bent welding rods. I use a pendulum to count frequency numbers as I can sense the molecular magnetic field of an item. The issue is not everyone is predisposed to sensing subtle molecular fields. And even with that innate ability not everyone knows the simple truth that we are all connected. We are connected to all things in our world and, from my point of view, the universe. How can this be demonstrated? The scientific community certainly appears to cast a blind eye in this direction, though they often speak of similar things in quantum physics and on a grand astronomical scale- not on a ordinary human scale. However, I think the tide is beginning to turn. Will it happen in my lifetime? I hope so. There is so much great work to be accomplished in this area.

What does a pendulum do? One can find a million incredible answers on the internet, though most of them are based upon ignorance and intentional untruths. A pendulum is simply a mechanical device that one uses to help tap in to their silent, creative side of the brain. We train our mind to interpret what we are sensing as a molecular magnetic or electromagnetic field. This takes time and trial and error. If the pendulum swings right or left, fore and aft- which ever way when I am holding it then the only reason for this is that I am swinging the pendulum that way as a physiological and mental reaction.

Anyway, I am not suggesting you go out and make a pendulum and then become disappointed that you did not attain some incredible insight. Nope, just realize that pendulums can be used as a tool to match subtle molecular magnetic fields if one is sensitive to the field and has trained their mind to interpret this field as a designer electromagnetic field. The golden ring is for a machine to perform this very same function and opening the door to serious biological and mechanical system analysis.

    Flickr photograph Star Trek Tricorder Martin Hajek

I know this because of a particular pattern recognition ability I have with weak electromagnetic fields. It is a similar process to that of developing the skill of human echolocation but in this case it is the skill of interpreting weak electromagnetic fields and their physiological affect on the body and most likely other biological life. See "Human Pattern Recognition of Molecular and Electromagnetic Fields."

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