Sunday, January 31, 2016

Discovering Your True Happiness as Pink Noise Audio

    Flickr photograph by Emilian Robert Vicol

Discover your true happiness with this designer electromagnetic field and simple instructions on being aware of your awareness. Here are the Insights into discovering your true happiness:

Your true nature is Goodness. 

Goodness is your foundation outside of your hopes, fears, and other emotions.

Goodness is also happiness.

Your awareness is key to your true happiness.

The simple key is being aware that you are aware.

Being aware that you are cognizing, in other words observing that you are aware is freedom. 

The designer frequency in the video will help you discover your true happiness.

Relax and breathe easily.

Stay in this moment. If you mentally wander off, gently come back.

Observe and listen while gently being aware that you are observing and listening.

Your true happiness will shine through into your awareness.

True happiness has attributes of relaxation, joyfulness and expansion of consciousness that will grow over time.

Knowing this truth, you can always have happiness by simply being aware of your awareness wherever you are.

This is the practice and this is the path of happiness moment to moment. 

Trust and do not lose confidence. Always remember to gently come back when distractions occur.
Watch the "Discovering Your True Happiness as Designer Audio Frequency" video here.

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