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Human Pattern Recognition of Molecular and Electromagnetic Fields

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The designer frequencies are not therapies, please consult your medical health care provider for all of your health issues. 

My first entry of a molecular magnetic field match made by hand was on July 16, 2006 for joint and muscle relaxation. I find it very interesting that even at the time of this writing, December 3, 2016, the scientific community has not validated my tuning process using a low powered electromagnetic field from an electrical audio coil playing a designer audio frequency. One day this will change and the process will be commonly understood.

That is likely the easy part. The more difficult concept for many to understand is that the human mind can perform pattern recognition of electromagnetic and molecular magnetic fields, that one can be sensitive to these fields and extract this information and convert it to a designer electromagnetic analog approximation. From my point of view, electromagnetic/molecular magnetic pattern recognition is no different than visual, tactile and auditory pattern recognition and is simply using human pattern recognition in another sensory arena.
To see things from my perspective, one would have to develop this innate ability that is not commonly recognized by the population in general. Of course, systems could be set up to confirm this ability to a satisfactory level where the actual frequency pattern matching could be entertained as a high probability event. However, in order for a machine to perform the same pattern interpretation and matching process that I do by hand will require a workable and verifiable model, so I share 300 designer frequencies for others to examine and explore in detail as an amateur's guide to frequency pattern recognition. See my YouTube channel.
I am uncertain what catalyst will occur that will shift awareness in a big way that this process is not only real but a true game changer in the field of molecular magnetism, electromagnetism and the understanding of magnetism in general. What I do know is that this process will be mainstream science in the not too distant future - hopefully in my lifetime. What will really blow people's minds is that all this time, since the advent of photography and audio recording, the electromagnetic field from the electrical audio coil during playback of these mediums contain a plethora of historical information on the environment in that area and at that time if one knows how to extract the information. The DVD generator I discuss later is another platform of accessing these molecular magnetic fields. Yes, many of you will be amazed and we will be talking about information gathering on a whole new level.

My best thought on how a material, not considered to be magnetic, can be tuned is through the alignment of the molecular magnetic domains within the material due to the application of a designer electromagnetic field. The resultant overall magnetic field from this domain realignment mirrors the applied field's electromagnetic field characteristics and has a physiological effect on the body.

This process expands our current understanding of magnetism. The newly created field in the material does not exhibit all the outer visual (without high tech analysis) magnetic characteristics commonly associated with permanent magnets such as observable attracting and repelling forces. However, my experience is that the newly tuned field can be changed or corrupted when a different electromagnetic field is applied or a strong permanent magnet is placed on to the material. Some materials such as paper, glass, aluminum, leather and plastics are easier to tune than others.

What is not commonly known is that a DVD with  up to one million plus copies of a photograph of an item will replicate the item's molecular magnetic field when focused light shines upon it and radiates this field out into the environment similar to an electrical audio coil, but in a more subtle manner. I now make all my molecular magnetic field matches from photographs in this configuration. Recent investigation has demonstrated that focused light from a desk lamp reflecting off the above configured DVD is altered into an analog electromagnetic field. It is a replication of the molecular magnetic field of the photographed item. See "Easy to Make a DVD Healing Generator with No Moving Parts".

A difficult concept for people to believe possible with the DVD set up I am discussing is how can a photograph of an item burned into the DVD as a pattern of pits and bumps retain the molecular magnetic field characteristics of the actual item? My best thought is the interaction of the focused light with the pits and bumps pattern is analogous to an old style phonograph stylus reading the grooves on a vinyl LP record and converting it to audio. The DVD reader on your computer is doing this for digital audio and video.  My view is the DVD set up radiates an electromagnetic analog of the item when the light interacts with the DVD and reflects out into the room. Our mind can interpret this field as a form of human pattern recognition

+++ However, my 20th century middle school science class analogy falls well short of the insight I am proposing. How does a pattern of pits and bumps representing binary code instructions for JPEG photograph instructions to a computer "Jump the Shark" of the perceived necessary pipeline of computer processing and is now processed directly by our mind (sensitivity to these fields) using the DVD setup I am describing? My thought is we are at the "X marks the spot" for the buried treasure of a new breakthrough insight. Perhaps a game changing paradigm. +++

One day all molecular/electromagnetic fields, including mechanical and biological systems, will be analyzed directly from their unique frequency spectrum where failing systems can be identified and addressed and invasive testing procedures bypassed. Animal and human testing, as it is currently conducted, will be a relic of the past. I hope to see this kinder and gentler day.

Designer electromagnetic field approximation analogs can be up to 12 or more frequencies together as a compound frequency in the hertz and kilohertz range. These are approximations of the molecular field and in the beginning my matches were two or three frequencies. The more refined the match the more frequencies are used to describe the field, so in a way I am getting better at matching fields over the years. I perform the matches by hand, sensitivity to the field and my mind makes the match.  If I can do this process by hand then a machine can do it as well. The place to start for researchers is the field emanating from a DVD as I have described above and collaboration with me. Let's get to it!

I often use the word "healing" in my articles and video comments, though helpful or mitigating may be more appropriate. Many people find some relief or benefit listening to the audio tones, in Pink noise format, with their health conditions. I match herbs, medications, vitamins etc., that have some positive cross over physiological effects within the body. Not all of the chemical or molecular effects cross over with the designer field, but they do play a role within the body. The best way is to try out some designer frequencies and see if they are helpful or not.

Thomas Lee Jacobs

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  1. I just desired to let you know how much I appreciate your healing audios - I have complex challenges and these help a lot. what would you recommend for teeth and bones? osteoporosis related? big love from New Zealand x