Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hart as Healing Pink Noise Audio

     Flickr photograph by David Merrett

I have extracted the molecular magnetic field from an audio recording of an adult male deer (Buck, Stag, Hart). The word "Hart" has been used in word play since the time of William Shakespeare as the symbolic "Heart". What is not commonly known is that deer have a unique molecular magnetic field presence which is heart-centered.

All wildlife have their own unique molecular magnetic field presence such as the hummingbird (joy) and White Rhino (sexual stimulation). Why kill off endangered species for their presumed physiological attributes when they can be easily matched as a designer electromagnetic field for audio playback or tuning material? Yes, we all have our own unique molecular magnetic field presence that can be captured permanently in an audio recording.

One day we will be able to easily work with molecular magnetic fields in medical research and determine how they affect the body bypassing the need for animal testing.

I know this because of a particular pattern recognition ability I have with weak electromagnetic fields. It is a similar process to that of developing the skill of human echolocation but in this case it is the skill of interpreting weak electromagnetic fields and their physiological affect on the body and most likely other biological life. See "Human Pattern Recognition of Molecular and Electromagnetic Fields."

For more information on this process visit  "Extracting Molecular Magnetic Fields from Audio and Video Analogs" and the "Designer Frequency Insights and Tuning.

I often use the word "healing", though helpful or mitigating may be more appropriate. Many people find some relief or benefit listening to the audio tones, in Pink noise format, with their health conditions. I match herbs, medications, vitamins etc., that have some positive cross over physiological effects on the body. Not all the the chemical or molecular effects cross over with the designer field, but they do play a role within the body. The best way is to try out some designer frequencies and see if they are helpful or not.

Watch the "Hart as Healing Audio" video here.

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